Laura Koesten

I am a research fellow at King's College London, UK.
I completed my PhD at the Open Data Institute in London and with the University of Southampton. My research interests include Human Data Interaction, Data Search, Reuse, Collaboration and Sensemaking with data.

Laura Kösten


laura.koesten (at)

Talking datasets: Understanding data sensemaking behaviours

Accepted for publication in the International Journal for Human Computer Studies
Laura Koesten, Kathleen Gregory, Paul Groth, Elena Simperl

sensemaking data reuse verbal summarisation human data interaction

Dataset Reuse: Translating Principles to Practice

Accepted for publication
Laura Koesten, Pavlos Vougiouklis, Elena Simperl, Paul Groth

data reuse human data interaction reuse prediction data portals

Collaborative Practices with Structured Data: Do Tools Support What Users Need?

CHI'19 Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems
Laura Koesten, Emilia Kacprzak, Jeni Tennison, Elena Simperl

collaborative tools structured data human data interaction

Everything you always wanted to know about a dataset: studies in data summarisation

International Journal for Human Computer Studies
Laura Koesten, Elena Simperl, Emilia Kacprzak, Tom Blount, Jeni Tennison

dataset summarisation metadata human data interaction

Dataset Search: A Survey

International Journal on Very Large Data Bases
Adriane Chapman, Elena Simperl, Laura Koesten, George Konstantinidis, Luis-Daniel Ibez-Gonzalez, Emilia Kacprzak, Paul Groth

dataset search human data interaction

Characterising dataset search—An analysis of search logs and data requests

Journal of Web Semantics
Emilia Kacprzak, Laura Koesten, Luis D Ibáñez, Tom Blount, Jeni Tennison, Elena Simperl

dataset search vertical search search logs data portals

A User Centred Perspective on Structured Data Discovery

2018, The Web Conference (WWW'18) PhD Symposium
Laura Koesten

data search human data interaction data discovery data portals

Characterising Dataset Search Queries

2018, The Web Conference (WWW'18) Companion
Emilia Kacprzak, Laura Koesten, Jeni Tennison, Elena Simperl

dataset search search log analysis query generation

The Trials and Tribulations of Working with Structured Data: -a Study on Information Seeking Behaviour

2017, CHI'17 Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems
Laura Koesten, Emilia Kacprzak, Jeni Tennison, Elena Simperl

human data interactio data search data portals

Searching Data Portals - More Complex Than We Thought?

2016 — CHIIR 2017
Workshop on Supporting Complex Search Tasks
Laura Koesten, Jaspreet Singh

dataset search search interfaces human data interaction data portals

Position Paper: Dataset profiling for un-Linked Data

2016 — PROFILES@ ESWC Emilia Kacprzak, Laura Koesten, Tom Heath, and Jeni Tennison

profiles metadata dataset search discoverability

Learning when searching for web data

2016 — Laura Koesten, Emilia Kacprzak and Jeni Tennison

web search data discovery context awareness sensemaking human information interaction

Plus size and inclusivity in design

2014 — Laura Koesten, Diane Gyi, Annabel Masson

plus size inclusive design emotional design

Sponsorship Chair

International Semantic Web Conference, ISWC 2018

Organising Comittee

Int. Workshop on Profiling and Searching Data on the Web
@ The Web Conference 2018, Lyon, FR


International Workshop on DATA:SEARCH
@ SIGIR 2018, Ann Arbor, USA

Data Stories

Engaging with data in a post-truth environment
King's College London, University of Southampton, The ODI

Data Stories Logo

In the post-truth society we live in, experts must find novel ways to bring hard, factual data to citizens. Data must entertain as well as inform, and excite as well as educate. It must be built with sharing through social channels in mind and become part of our everyday activities and interactions with others. We aim to explore how people engage with data, by making it more relevant, more interactive, and more easily shared - drawing from disciplines such as social and political sciences, visual arts, creative writing, game design, crowdsourcing and machine learning.

Dataset Summary Tool

They Buy For You (TBFY)

Enabling procurement data value chains
University of Southampton


This project aims to develop smart data solutions for procurement analytics. We are thinking about tools that increase the visibility & accessibility of public tenders. This can help both buyers and suppliers make the most of existing opportunities.


Marie Skłodowska-Curie Innovative Training Network (ITN)
H2020, completed

WDAqua (Answering Questions using Web Data) is a Marie Skłodowska-Curie Innovative Training Network (ITN). Smart infrastructures and citizens’ participation in the digital society are increasingly data-driven. Sharing, connecting, managing, analysing and understanding data on the web will enable better services for citizens, communities and industry. WDAqua aims to advance the field of data-driven question answering through a combination of training, research and innovation.


A User Centred Perspective on Structured Data Discovery
Laura Koesten

Blog post

Talking Datasets
Laura Koesten, Kathleen Gregory

DataStories Symposium 2020

We are organising the virtual DataStories Symposium 2020.
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Laura Kösten